About Us


Please allow me to introduce myself:

My name is Danielle Varner, and I have been a school counselor in the Conneaut School District, for 22 years. I have a creative spirit and am rarely satisfied with commercial materials.  I USUALLY MAKE MY OWN!

When I found out about the need for the Pennsylvania’s 339 career plan, I was awake in my bed for hours, feeling inadequate because career was NOT my focus in years past. A new goal emerged…. Reach all students with lessons that focus on career that are FUN, and AGE APPROPRIATE!

This is where this Small Sparks, Big Dreams all began!

I was inspired to create a character named ‘Sparky’, that children would love, as the central focus of Small Sparks, Big Dreams. The addition of Take A Child To Work Day Videos takes this curriculum to the stratosphere as young children view different careers and feel like a real ‘career detective’!

See VIDEOS on YouTube to get an idea of all the EXTRAS that your kids can enjoy as well!

I have presented at the Conference on INTEGRATED LEARNING;  School To Work Career Education Conference at Penn State for the last two years.

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor with the state of Pa.

Finally, because I am a school counselor by day, I do not check e-mails or do ‘business’ during the school day; like you, I give 100% of my focus to my children and families.  I will be glad to get back to you in the evenings.  I hope you respect my professionalism and will be patient with our correspondence.

It’s time to bring CAREER to the ELEMENTARY SCHOOL!


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