SEASON 4 Premium package

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This SEASON is designed for grades 3 and 4 but your teaching can stretch the curriculum a grade level up or down.  This premium package gives you the extra things that bring your curriculum to life with stickers and pencils,  ‘BIZ KIDS’ t-shirts, and much more!  Parents and kids will take over your social media by posting different #CoolCareer photos, and you don’t even lift a finger… just watch your school’s Twitter Page light up with relevant posts!  You SAVE  over $80.00 when you purchase the PREMIUM package!

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SEASON 4 is best used with grades 3-4

PREMIUM license package

You are purchasing 1 or more license(s) for Small Sparks, Big Dreams, SEASON 4, which comes with premium accessories that complete all of your must haves!
Regular price $1,211.00, introductory price is only $950 for the first license!
Each school MUST have its own license for each school location.
Save money when purchasing more than one license… perfect for district purchases!

Each additional Licenses Regular Price $700 per location, Introductory Priced at only $500 Per location! You save $200.00 with each additional license!

Each PREMIUM SEASON 4 package includes the following:

  • (1) License
  • Unlimited teacher manual download
  • Access to all ‘SEASON 4’ videos (including Teacher Assists)
  • 8 Take A child To Work Day videos
  • ARTIFACTS and DATA (Pre-and post test)
  • Parent Communication pages
  • Correspondence you need to put on a ‘BIZ KIDS’ show!
  • BONUS 10 week group:  ‘Grit’

    In addition to all of this, the PREMIUM license also gives you:

    • (1) Counselor T-shirt
    • 300 inch and a half stickers – ‘Ask me my sparks!’
    • (1) three inch pin ‘Sparky Loves Your Sparks!’
    • (1) lanyard ‘Sparky Loves Your Sparks!’
    • Tote Bag ‘Sparky Loves Your Sparks’
    •  100 #CoolCareer 3 inch stickers
    •  15 BIZ KIDS T-shirts for your participants
    •  BIG KIDS T-shirt for your ‘Sparky’ mascot
You will receive a USB that will contain the Teachers Manual, videos, ARTIFACTS, and Parent Communication pages.

This package has everything you need to rock your school with enough artifacts in this one season to satisfy your K – 12 Career Plan, and that’s just the beginning.  Parent Communication pages and easy-to-follow lesson plans will have you teaching confidently and the ‘special music’ included will have your kids dreaming of what it will be like to be a ‘graduate’ some day.  Once your school or district purchases these licenses, you keep the materials forever… no annual cost or subscriptions!  Just click and enjoy, as your elementary career plan is DONE!

Please let integrity and professionalism guide your school / district to follow the copyright boundaries, please do not copy and share materials inappropriately!


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