Video Montages

Seeing is believing. Watch these montages so you can see what each SEASON has to offer. Just remember that the videos might be the foundation of the curriculum, but all of the extras, combined with your delivery, will be the winning combination to establish a powerful, career foundation for your students.


Your youngest students will thrill to see this season. TWO versions are provided, one with ‘Alphabet Song’ and one without. Show the version that is appropriate to your students.


Now your students will really be in the groove and looking forward to ‘Sparky’s’ visits. Season 2 is called ‘The Remix’ because the format is the same from SEASON 1, but the kids will love the new extras!


The seasons get better and better as this season blasts your older learners with an all new format that the kids will love! The extras in this season include the Career Fashion Show! Sure to create memories that will last!


This season kicks it up a notch with: My First Resume, My First Interview, and My First Business Plan. Episodes are more sophisticated and ready to wow your older kids. To top it all off, you get everything you need to put on your very own Biz Kids show!